CCF - Here For Our Community

The objective of the Clemson Community Foundation is to become a leader in meeting the needs and improving the lives of all the members of the Greater Clemson Community. Toward that end, the Foundation’s board recently adopted a strategic plan that provides a framework for developing a long-term, stable source of philanthropic financial and human support for our community.

What does all that mean? Simply that CCF is in it for the long haul. We’re working today so that we can make a positive difference in the future. We differ from some of our better known neighbors like Clemson Community Care, the Clemson Child Development Center, Littlejohn Community Center, and the Clemson Free Clinic in that we don’t directly provide services to those in need. Instead, we provide financial support to these and many other organizations which work every day to serve the greater Clemson area.

This year, CCF will provide $31,000 in grants to area non-profits based on a competitive process which is currently underway. In addition, the Foundation’s board recently created a standing committee under the leadership of board member Linda White, which will assist area non-profit organizations in connecting with volunteers. Growing our long-term investment fund and connecting passionate people with service opportunities are two ways we can serve our community.

We’re fortunate to live in a wonderful place, surrounded by beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, a vibrant university, lots of things to see and do, and great neighbors. Join our efforts to meet the needs of all of the members of our community by considering volunteering your time and sharing your resources to make our community even better tomorrow than it is today.

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