One Clemson Award Winners Annouced

Congratulations to Bill D’Andrea, Adraine Jackson-Garner, and Karen Carter, award winners at Wednesday’s annual State of Clemson luncheon.

Billy D’, left, was presented the individual One Clemson Award in recognition of his long service to Clemson University, Anderson University and the Clemson area through his leadership of the Community Foundation of Greater Clemson. Adraine, center, accepted the organization One Clemson Award on behalf of Littlejohn Community Center which she serves as executive director. Karen, right, the director of Clemson Community Care, was presented the Catherine Smith Award to honor her service to the Clemson community. The award winners were joined by Clemson mayor J. C. Cook, second from left, and Clemson University president Jim Clements, second from right. Congratulations Bill, Adraine, and Karen!

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