Our Mission

"To develop a long-term, stable source of philanthropic financial and human support in the Greater Clemson Community."

Our Vision

"To be a leader in meeting the needs and improving the lives of all members in the Greater Clemson Community."

Our Foundation

The Community Foundation of Greater Clemson was launched as the Clemson Community Foundation in 2013, as a project of Leadership Clemson, and was inspired by successes of community foundations in other cities and unmet funding needs in the Clemson area. We work to promote local philanthropy and volunteerism and to establish long-term sources of financial and human support to address needs in the greater Clemson area.


​Due to the amazing generosity of donors in the greater Clemson area, we have raised well over $300,000. With that money, we have funded a large number of projects benefiting people in need. These projects have been accomplished by a diverse variety of nonprofit organizations that we are proud to support. We also have put over $200,000 into a Charitable Investment Fund, so that we and other nonprofits can continue to serve the Clemson area long into the future.