Due to the amazing generosity of donors in the greater Clemson area, we have raised over $150,000.

With that money, we have funded a large number of projects benefiting
people in need. These projects have been accomplished by a diverse variety of nonprofit organizations that we are proud to support. We also have
placed over $200,000 into a Charitable Investment Fund, so that we and other nonprofits can continue to serve the Clemson area long into the future.

Donate Via Debit Card or Credit Card (Click Button Below):

Any 501(c)(3) organization serving residents Clemson, Central, Six Mile, and Pendleton. The base of your 501(c) 3 organirea, but the proposal should be lin



Donate Via Check:

Please make checks payable to “Community Foundation of Greater Clemson”

Mailing Address:

Community Foundation of Greater Clemson

PO Box 1503

Clemson, SC 29633